About Future Swells

Future Swells (formerly known as Fewer Better Things) is a newsletter, and now also a community, I created in 2017 to share my journey around the world as a digital nomad. The focus was on how digitalization and dematerialization could open up to living a richer life anywhere in the world with fewer better things.

When I moved to Encinitas In February 2020 it evolved into becoming a place for reflections and learnings on the future of work and life from my surf shack. It’s created around the simple idea that digital is making it possible to live and work anywhere.

I chose to move to a small surf village in Southern California to get closer to nature and to experiment with this concept through real-life and everyday experiences. All knowledge work has moved to the cloud but we still work as what we create needs to be made in a factory or in an office when we can work from anywhere.

Future Swells aspire to inspire you to take the leap to live and work on your own terms anywhere you please while doing work that serves and matters to yourself and your fellow human beings. It’s rethinking and redesigning how to work and live in harmony with ourselves, people, and the planet.

Future Swells has a free weekly newsletter, an Instagram account, and a for-paid subscription that gives you access to more in-depth material via blog posts, webinars, and more. If you like to buy a monthly or a yearly subscription to get unlimited access to everything, click here. You can also watch my TEDx talk to get a better idea of what I do and how I think and connect via LinkedIn.

Thanks for your support,

Per Håkansson

Encinitas, California